Become a facilitator

We are seeking Christian, Indigenous, Muslim and Jewish people to act as dynamic volunteers and presenters. We are looking for people who are good with kids, who care about the place of compassion, respect, inclusion and values in Australia to be part of this non-profit organisation. If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, register your interest here and read on to discover what is involved.

Target audience, team and organisation

  1. Primary and High School students, aged 8-17 in Sydney and other NSW locations.
  2. Teams of Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Indigenous role models who run programs standing together.
  3. The Together for Humanity Foundation is a genuine multi-faith organisation and enjoys the support of religious communities, government and educators.

What do facilitators aim to achieve?

  • To educate school students about common values and to motivate them as people from different faiths/cultures to take action together on these values.
  • To build empathy between people of different backgrounds, to combat prejudice and help students see past stereotypes and impressions created by media reports and conflicting stories.

What does it involve?

Facilitators conduct workshops and presentations, ranging from one hour to full days, together with two or three other presenters from diverse backgrounds. The sessions can be with large or small groups of students and have an element of fun but also a serious substantial message. Presenters follow a program outline with a clear focus and within that structure bring some of their own creativity and passion as well as respond to the children’s input.

Volunteer Positions

Facilitators are welcome to observe or try one session. Generally we are seeking to fill unpaid volunteer positions, during the school term.

Criteria and Training

  • Personally committed to appreciation and cooperation between people of different beliefs/cultures and eager to see greater commitment to action on core values.
  • Engaged member of one the faith communities or are of Indigenous heritage with a level of knowledge/participation that is acceptable to the representatives of that community.
  • Respectful of others opinions/beliefs and a willingness not to advocate for or persuade others of the merits of one’s own beliefs or opinions. (We explain our own perspective without seeking to convince others).
  • Being the kind of person young people can relate to. Facilitators would have an engaging personality with a "fun" element, be relaxed and sincere but not an overly earnest manner.
  • Experience in youth work or teaching is an advantage, not a requirement.
  • Training and guidance as needed will be provided.

Note: All our presenters must have a valid NSW Working With Children Check (WWCC) and must provide us with their registration number and date of birth before being allowed to enter schools. Please feel free to register your interest and undergo our training if you do not yet have your WWCC, but with the understanding that you will not be permitted to start presenting until it has been provided.

Policies and Procedures

Together for Humanity has a strict Child Protection Policy including a Code of Conduct that all staff and volunteers must abide by. We also have reporting procedures for Child Protection in place. These can be read here:

Next Step

Please take some time to consider participating in this very exciting program. To join or find out more please click here to contact us.