Ney Instrument

Ney Instrument
Object Image taxonomy
  • Stage: All
  • Curriculum: Wellbeing, Music
  • Topics: Middle East

We can see a musical instrument like a recorder.

Look closely what do you see?

The Ney is a wind instrument that can be played on its own or as a support instrument in a band. It is similar to a flute but is usually carved out of a sugar cane stick. Its origins are over 4000 years old. The Ney has six holes on the front and one hole on the back which allows the player to play different notes. They are not generally available in Australia so must be imported from the Middle East or Turkey.

We might wonder what the mouth piece looks like.

What do you wonder?

Object name: Ney
Material: Unknown
Size: Approximately 40 cm long
Origin: Middle East

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