Teacher Professional Learning

Our Professional Learning courses equip teachers with the confidence and skills to enhance intercultural understanding in school communities, and foster respectful and inclusive learning environments. All our Teacher Professional Learning is linked to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Our online Teacher Professional Learning courses can be found HERE.

The below courses can be presented face-to-face or as interactive webinars. 

Duration: 1-hour, 2-hour or half-day workshops. We can co-design the workshops to suit your needs.




1. Nurturing belonging in schools: Culturally responsive strategies to enhance connection and inclusion 

Participants will consider:

  • The relationship between belonging and wellbeing
  • Strategies to enhance belonging in the classroom
  • Whole-school approaches to belonging
  • Strategies for building belonging and inclusion in school communities




2. Responding to racism and hate speech in the classroom and playground

Participants will consider:

  • The impacts of racism on wellbeing and belonging
  • Forms of hurtful and harmful language
  • Strategies for effectively responding to students using hurtful language
  • Supporting the targets of racism and hate speech 



3. Effective family engagement: Enhancing learning and wellbeing for culturally diverse students and their families

In collaboration with ACSSO

Participants will consider:

  • The benefits of family engagement for learning and wellbeing
  • The core principles of family engagement
  • Effectively engaging our diverse families
  • Engagement in action


4. Developing intercultural understanding: more than just Harmony Day


Participants will consider:

  • The role of ICU in building inclusive school communities
  • The importance of a whole-school approach to fostering ICU
  • Connecting to Curriculum
  • Making the most of Harmony Day


5. Interfaith dialogue for schools: Finding connections, building bridges and fostering empathy



Participants will consider:

  • Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding in the Curriculum
  • The benefits of interfaith for students and community
  • Interfaith in action – successful interfaith programs in Australian schools
  • Important considerations in order to create cultural safety and successful projects


6. Supporting students during times of global conflict: Practical strategies for classroom teachers

Participants will consider

  • Effective responses to racism/anti-Semitism/Islamophobia
  • The importance of trauma-informed practice in the classroom
  • How to dialogue safely about controversial issues
  • Wellbeing and mental health support 




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