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What's New? We recently ran our Inclusive Communities Youth Summit at NSW Parliament House which brought together students from 12 schools of diverse religious, cultural and geographical backgrounds to present proposals for initiatives aimed at making our society more inclusive. The Federal Assistant Minister for Multiculturalism Craig Laundy welcomed students by saying:

“For all of us here, diversity for us is not just a part of our life, it is a way of life,”

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Our Philosophy

The world needs more understanding and less prejudice. Australians live in a generally tolerant multicultural society yet our  differences of belief - including beliefs that are non-religious - and culture sometimes divide us.


Many young people have never knowingly met an Aboriginal person, a Jew or a Muslim. Research shows that information on its own is not enough to  eliminate prejudice and misunderstandings. By engaging children and adults in positive experiences of diversity and teaching them  about different religions and cultures, Together for Humanity looks to address divisions and replace them with mutual respect and cooperation.

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Our free Difference Differently on-line teaching resource helps teachers  incorporate intercultural understanding in their lessons.Difference Differently has been funded by the Department of Education,  Employment and Workplace Relations and is aligned with the Australian History, Geography, English and Civic & Citizenship curricula.

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