Student Programs

Our programs provide students with the skills and confidence to interact with people from different backgrounds and build positive, respectful relationships with others.

Girls Program – Believe, Belong and Become

This program is for female students from diverse backgrounds. In a series of sessions supported by female community mentors, girls are led on a journey towards self-confidence and self-belief, gaining a sense of belonging to a community and blossoming as they realise their potential.

Boys Program

In this program, disengaged and/or marginalised boys gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of themselves and develop empathy for others. They develop a feeling of belonging with people from other backgrounds, while affirming their own unique identities.

Interschools Program

Our Interschools program brings children from different faiths and backgrounds together. Students come into contact with people they might never otherwise meet. They explore their differences, delight in their similarities and develop greater connections with others.

Leadership Program

This program is ideal for new student leaders or SRC students, and explores the character traits of effective leaders through a cultural lens.

CHAT (Cultural Hearing Asking Telling) (offered in Queensland)

Developed by Scripture Union Australia, this program is designed to enhance empathy, encourage understanding, explore diversity, and develop students’ self-reflection and dialogue skills. The eight 45-min sessions can be delivered flexibly and can be co-facilitated with school chaplains. Optimal group size is 12-15 students. Visit for more information.