Student Programs

Our programs provide students with the skills and confidence to interact with people from different backgrounds and build respectful relationships with others.

Interactive Presentations

Short, curriculum-linked presentations that explore themes of identity, belonging, faith, culture, racism, stereotypes, prejudice and more.

  • 60-90 minute sessions
  • For large and small groups
  • For primary and secondary students
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Presentations include:

  • Anti-prejudice          
  • Assumptions
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Migration stories 
  • Studies of Religion
  • First Nations perspectives
  • Peace & conflict transformation
  • Special event presentations, e.g. Harmony Day
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Interschool Programs

Students from different schools come together to explore similarities and differences in beliefs and culture through experiential activities.

  • Annually, bi-annually or per term
  • Participating schools collaborate to co-host program 

Multi-Session Programs

Intensive and highly interactive small group programs that support students to build confidence, develop empathy and establish respectful relationships with others.

  • 5 x one-hour sessions (CHAT 8 sessions)
  • Ideally for 12-15 students
  • Years 6-12


Programs include:

  • Identity & values
  • Relationships & belonging
  • Mindset & resilience
  • Cultural diversity
  • Bullying, racism & prejudice
  • First Nations perspectives
  • Peace & conflict transformation
  • CHAT (Cultural Hearing Asking Telling)

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