What we do

We work with school communities to foster intercultural understanding and help students learn how to deal with differences.

We offer a range of face-to-face and online programs linked to the Australian curriculum that help cultivate greater connection and inclusion among students, as well as Professional Development courses for teachers.

Our passionate and highly skilled educators from diverse faith and cultural backgrounds engage students in interactive programs. Through experiential and discovery learning, students:

  • gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of who they are
  • develop empathy for those different from themselves
  • from marginalised communities gain a feeling of belonging with people from other backgrounds, while also affirming their own unique identities

The work we do with schools contributes towards a more socially cohesive Australian society.

Student Programs

A range of face to face programs for students that facilitate intercultural understanding through experiential and discovery learning

Teacher Professional Development

 A suite of face-to-face and online courses for teachers grounded in the latest educational research on intercultural understanding

Online Learning

Online learning modules for students and teachers