Acceptance Belonging, Connectedness, through Discovery

The ABCD course is designed to facilitate intercultural understanding through experiential and discovery learning. The course enables students to explore their life experiences and challenges in a safe and supportive environment. Students acquire knowledge and learn skills that help them to navigate their way in the world. The program provides opportunities for students to see that feelings of alienation can be transformed through effective actions. 

The ABCD course has five programs which can be tailored to individual school needs:

  • Co-Ed (NSW)

This program is for co-educational settings where male and female students explore the concepts of belonging, connectedness and diversity. Through hands-on activities, open discussion and storytelling, students learn about intercultural understanding.

  • BRO Belonging, Respect, Ownership (NSW)

Male high school students explore how people with different identities can still experience a sense of belonging. Through a series of 1-hour sessions, students are challenged to explore how culture, prejudice, conflict and justice shape identity, and how effective action can facilitate connectedness.

  • BBB Believe, Belong and Blossom (NSW)

A program for female high school students from diverse backgrounds. In a series of sessions supported by female community mentors, students are led on a journey towards self-confidence and self-belief, gaining a sense of belonging to a community, and blossoming as they realise their potential. The program takes place in a safe, supportive and engaging environment.

  • CCC Collaborate, Challenge, Connect (QLD)

A community-centred approach to interfaith and intercultural understanding for students, teachers and parents in a school cluster. Adaptable programs and workshops are delivered in collaboration with community organisations.

  • RAP Respect, Authenticity, Presence (NSW)

A new Student Leadership program for high school students. Based around the concept of ‘ethical leadership,’ the program explores the character traits of responsibility,  authenticity and presence in a fun and engaging way. As students examine each of the traits, they develop the skills and know-how to become agents of positive transformation in their schools and wider communities. Existing student leadership expectations or frameworks are incorporated into the program.