2024-2025 Intercultural Understanding Partnership Grants

The Intercultural Understanding Partnership (ICUP) is a national initiative created by Together For Humanity (TFH) and funded by the Australian Government Department of Education. 

Each year, schools are invited to apply for the program. Successful schools receive consultation time with TFH intercultural experts and financial support (up to $10,000) to address an intercultural and/or interfaith challenge in their school community. 

Please be advised that schools which have previously been awarded an ICUP grant should refrain from submitting a new application. Our priority is to assist schools that have not yet received our support, thereby extending the grant’s benefits to a broader range of communities.

To apply, please complete the online form below. Please read the ICUP FAQs before completing your application. 



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Together For Humanity programs are  supported by the Australian Government
Department of Education through the Connected Youth and Communities initiative. 

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